Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thankful Thinking: 5th Miscarriage

I am thankful that I am recovering quickly this time after another miscarriage. I know that even though my pregnancy was not saved, all the prayers offered in my behalf were not wasted. This was one of the least painful of any of my miscarriages and I also believe there is still hope for successful pregnancies in my future. I am learning to "wait on the Lord" and to do my best to prepare and learn during the waiting time. Even if I am called to wait until the next life before I am blessed with more children, I want to be preparing with hope and faith today.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Moving My Recipes

I have decided to move my recipes from this Supermom Blog to a more specialized blog just for my recipes: Family Fit Food.  So if you are looking for a recipe, don't worry, it may already have been moved to this other blog.  In the future, another easy way to navigate to this new blog is through the link under the health tab at the top of this blog.

Wise Women : Wives of Book of Mormon Warriors

I often think of the wives of men from the Book of Mormon like Ether, Mormon and his son Moroni, Captain Moroni and his son Moronihah, zennif and his grandson Limhi ... and so many others. Even though their stories are not directly written, I believe that they are very clearly,although indirectly, recorded through the stories written about their husbands and sons. Without the loving support and comfort and teaching of many wise women, those men would not have been able to be the warriors they were. Some of those men became warriors in flesh and blood battles for right and freedom. All of them were warriors in spiritual battles between good and evil.

I am indebted to those special women and desire to follow their wise examples.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Truly Tender: Morning Glory Kisses

Lately I have been bestowed with many enchanting Morning Glory kisses on my cheek.
Mmmmmmmm I love being a Mom!

Be Inspired,

Learn More about my favorite book: the Book of Mormon and request a free copy

Friday, May 25, 2012

Family Friendly: Introducing Mom MTC

While listening to BYU Women's Conference from several years ago, I heard Sister Sylvia H. Allred describe the work we do with children as important and very similar to the work done for missionaries at the Missionary Training Center (MTC) as they prepare to go serve God by teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their assigned area of the world.

My heart burned with a greater knowledge of the importance of the plans I make and the work I do to teach and train each of my children and all those I come in contact with throughout each day. I realized that my home was a Missionary Training Center, where each of my children could have the opportunity to learn how to be missionaries daily, as long as I did my part in providing the right learning environment.

I decided to expand my already planned monthly Mommy Moment Teaching Plans that I have been working on in the past. This year I have posted my plans online on SimpleSupermom but will now begin to put those plans on this new site: Mom's MTC.

I hope any of you who are so inspired would be willing to share your ideas of how you lead and guide your children to find the truth and make correct choices. You can do this through comments to individual posts or by emailing me at with the subject heading Mom's MTC.

Be Inspired,

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thankful Thinking: Last Day of School

I will miss sending cute "Mom-notes" to school,
but otherwise am so happy to have more time with my
Morning Glory this Summer!

Be Inspired,

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wise Women: The Woman Who Gave Me Life

The Mother who gave me life

Some of my favorite things she says to me:


  “There is no such thing as b-worded (bored)”
“You are my mission”

 “You really are like your name which means ‘Gods Gracious Gift of Joy’ to our family.  You even woke up happy as a baby”

“You are a peacemaker in our family.  Everything just seems brighter when you are home”

 “I am so thankful to have my daughter as a friend.”

“You are so creative.”

 “You are such an example to me.”

“You are such a good Mom.”

Some of my Favorite Memories:

Date with Mom Monday

Sewing and cooking projects together, especially my ruffled blue gingham apron

Teaching me how to be a Mom by trusting me to help babysit, do my sister’s hair and choose their outfits—and mine, even if they didn’t match.

Letting me rotate chores that made me feel grown up: laundry, cooking, kitchen, bathrooms . . .

Decided our family needed a piano and found a way to get us one and found ways for me to learn how to play.

Going to ward choir together for years.

Taking an organ playing class together.

Listening to her practice piano and trying to play by ear the songs I heard her play.

I love you Mom! Thanks for everything you continuously sacrifice for me!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Truly Tender : Giggles, Fingers, and Tiny Toes

I often am blessed with the sunshine sound of giggles, along with the sight of little fingers or tiny toes poking themselves as prominently as possible underneath whatever closed door separates my Lady Slipper from me.

I love being a mom!

Be Inspired,

PS Morning Glory bigger fingers have started finding themselves under my door too. Even little sisters can start a tradition :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hope Because of Experience

It looks like I will yet again be experiencing the miracle of willingly waiting before it is God's timing for me to have more children. I still don't understand the purpose of my continued feelings that I am doing God's will to keep hoping and trying to become a mother again when the outcome is so often another painful disappointment. But I do know that the opposite feelings of hope and faith and peace and joy outweigh the sorrow. I know there is a purpose somehow.

"Traumatic as miscarriage and stillbirth may be from our perspective, they need not end in sorrow. The Apostle Paul has written about how suffering can turn to hope when we experience the love of God:
“We glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience;
“And patience, experience; and experience, hope:
“And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.” (Rom. 5:3–5.) ( quoted from "I have a Question" Ensign September 1987)

"A few years ago, Sister Joyce Audrey Evans, a young mother in Belfast, Northern Ireland, was having trouble with a pregnancy. She went to the hospital, where one of the nurses told her she would probably lose the baby. Sister Evans replied: “But I can’t give up. … You have to give me hope.” Sister Evans later recalled: “I couldn’t give up hope until all reason for hope was gone. It was something I owed to my unborn child.”

Three days later she had a miscarriage. She wrote: “For one long moment, I felt nothing. Then a profound feeling of peace flowed through me. With the peace came understanding. I knew now why I couldn’t give up hope in spite of all the circumstances: you either live in hope or you live in despair. Without hope, you cannot endure to the end. I had looked for an answer to prayers and was not disappointed; I was healed in body and rewarded with a spirit of peace. Never before had I felt so close to my Heavenly Father; never before had I felt such peace"
President James E. Faust "Hope an Anchor of the Soul "

Moroni Men : President George Albert Smith

As Matthew 22:37-40 states the most essential characteristic I see in a Moroni Man:
"Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt alove the Lord thy God with all thy bheart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy cmind.
 "This is the first and great acommandment.
 "And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt alove thy neighbour as thyself.
 "On these two commandments hang all the alaw and the prophets."

 George Albert Smith is an exceptional example of this most essential Christlike attribute of love. "President J. Reuben. Clark Jr., one of his counselors in the First Presidency, said of him :"His real name was love. . . .He gave his love to everyone he met. He gave his love to all he did not meet."
(Teachings of Presidents of the Church :George Albert Smith)

As I continue in my goal to refine the intent of my heart, I pray for my heart to become so constant in love.

Important note: see Alma 48:17 if you don't know what I mean as a Moroni Man.

Be Inspired,

Janelle Joy

Friday, May 18, 2012

Parable of Sorting Beans

As I sorted through the pinto beans, My mind was illuminated by the realization of the application to my desire to refine the intent of my heart. Can you find any similarities?

Be Inspired,

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thinking: The Gift of My Faith

I am continuing through the literal ups and downs (my husband constantly tells me there are too many ups) while trying to stay on bed rest and give this pregnancy the best chance I have the power to give, without neglecting  all the eternal roles of most importance to me,  I have also had many emotional ups and downs. 

My courage comes from one steady gift; it never wavers: my faith in God and in His ability to perform the miracle of His will, notwithstanding my weakness.  The power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ to strengthen and enable my faith,  prayer, willingness, work, and the prayers and service of all the ministering angels around me.

No matter what the outcome of this seventh pregnancy will be,  I have faith that God will work his miracles through me.  If it is a miracle of more learning and the excruciating patience through a fifth miscarriage, then I accept His miracle of that experience;  If it is the miracle of sacrificing a part of myself in order to participate in bringing life to this earth, then I rejoice in the miracle of learning and the excruciating patience of that experience.

 I pray to have the continued faith and courage to joyfully accept each experience today, and in my future.

". . .and he knoweth [my] faith. . . "(Moroni. 8:24)
Be inspired,

Note:  I was really encouraged and inspired by this devotional Address including a story of a woman who from the beginning of her marriage, never put off and absolutely desired children but was not blessed with any for 6 years.  After all her anguish and tears, they eventually were able to adopt one at a time two baby girls and two baby boys.  Then another miracle occurred: she learned that she was expecting triplets and suddenly was the mother of 7 children all under the age of 8.  She had been healed and blessed after her suffering and endurance.  (paraphrased). 
Search for: "The Love of the Savior. Timothy B. Smith. BYU Devotional | February 12, 2008 "
( I was having trouble getting the BYU site to work today in order to link it for you here)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Truly Tender: Peanut Butter Sacrifice

Morning Glory hurriedly made herself a fast dinner of, you guessed it, a peanut butter sandwich. Of course little sister, Lady Slipper, wanted one too so MG handed LS a piece of bread. I asked her please to put peanut butter on sister's too, not knowing that MG had already taken the extra mile of cleaning up after her snack. Even though Morning Glory had so limited time before once again having to rush off to a violin performance, she didn't bat an eyelash at my request, but went right to the sacrifice of her highly prized free time by once again getting out and spreading the peanut butter. I was so touched at her sensitivity to the needs of her family over her own. I was truly inspired, Janelle Joy

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to All Supermom's!

I pray that all you girls and women everywhere remember that you are Daughter's of  God and all are invited to be mothers in his kingdom.  Whether you have born your own children yet is irrelevant to that role.  You can choose to be a mother today simply by using your God-given gift to serve and nurture everyone around you--including yourself as His Precious daughter with infinite worth. I hope all of you are treated with the love and respect you deserve.  Happy Mother's Day from me!

See what Prophets Today say about your special eternal role

Be Inspired,

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

My husband has been treating me like a queen! He is always very loving to me but I especially thank him for his specially planned Mother's Day Month of spring cleaning each room that he initiated without any prompting from me. He had no idea I would end up on bed rest and it has been such a comfort to know that even before I was so out of commission, he had deep cleaned our home so I can feel less concern as I spend so much time lying around. Also he and Morning Glory continue to maintain the home daily.

I am also thankful for what my little flowers have done for me. Morning Glory has been working in secret during any snippet of free time she can find. Even starting last month I often heard her say,"Mom, please don't come in[such and such] a room for a while. I have a surprise for you I am working on in there." She was actually happy to fnd out I had to spend more time in my bed so she could more easily complete her plans in secret :-)  She even created a computer slide show.

Morning Glory's Special Mother's Day Breakfast

Morning Glory's secret, special projects

Lady Slipper's first time coloring shapes for me.

I love being a Mom!

Be Inspired,

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wise Women: Mary the Mother of Jesus

I am so inspired by these scriptures about Mary which show that the intent of her heart was so much like her perfect son, Jesus Christ:

"And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word." Luke 1:38

"But Mary kept all these things, and apondered them in her heart." Luke 2:19

"Mary, mother of our Redeemer, was the perfect example of complete submission to the will of God. (See Luke 1:38). She kept confidences. (See Luke 2:19.) In faith she endured grief. (See John 20:11.)" Russell M. Nelson

I want to allow the mighty changes that need to take place within my own heart so I can be more like Mary.

Be Inspired,

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Truly Tender: Bed Rest Exercize

I sure love mom and me time with my sweet little Lady Slipper! How precious it was to have her come struggle up onto my high bed just to be with me. We watched one episode of "coos coos" (Blues Clues). Then the real fun started as she brought up one of her Noah's ark tigers to dance along with the children's station I turned on Pandora. It became a very fun workout as we did actions and bounced animals along with the feel of each song. Thanks so much for playing with me, my Little Lady SLIPPER :) I am so blessed to have you in my family! Be Inspired to notice your own tender moment, Janelle Joy

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spiritually Saving: "Don't Delay, It's Getting Late"

While spending lots of time in bed trying to prevent a 5th miscarriage, I have been able to do lots of the things I love to do.  one of those is listening again to conference sessions.  This time as I listened, a previous question I remember asking myself during my scripture study was answered with more force than ever before. 

My question was "In Jesus' parable, why doesn't it make a difference what time the laborer's begin working and they still all get paid the same amount?"  In short, the answer is: His concern is for the faith at which you finally arrive, not the hour of the day in which you got there .(Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, italics in original) I remember hearing this talk during the first time I listened to it, but it seemed like a completely new talk today. 

 Here are some of the highlights:

"I wish to speak of the Savior’s parable in which a householder “went out early in the morning to hire labourers.” After employing the first group at 6:00 in the morning, he returned at 9:00 a.m., at 12:00 noon, and at 3:00 in the afternoon, hiring more workers as the urgency of the harvest increased. The scripture says he came back a final time, “about the eleventh hour” (approximately 5:00 p.m.), and hired a concluding number. Then just an hour later, all the workers gathered to receive their day’s wage. Surprisingly, all received the same wage in spite of the different hours of labor. Immediately, those hired first were angry, saying, “These last have wrought but one hour, and thou hast made them equal unto us, which have borne the burden and heat of the day.”1 When reading this parable, perhaps you, as well as those workers, have felt there was an injustice being done here. Let me speak briefly to that concern.. .

"I do not know who in this vast audience today may need to hear the message of forgiveness inherent in this parable, but however late you think you are, however many chances you think you have missed, however many mistakes you feel you have made or talents you think you don’t have, or however far from home and family and God you feel you have traveled, I testify that you have not traveled beyond the reach of divine love. It is not possible for you to sink lower than the infinite light of Christ’s Atonement shines. . .

"So if you have made covenants, keep them. If you haven’t made them, make them. If you have made them and broken them, repent and repair them. It is never too late so long as the Master of the vineyard says there is time. Please listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit telling you right now, this very moment, that you should accept the atoning gift of the Lord Jesus Christ and enjoy the fellowship of His labor. Don’t delay. It’s getting late." (Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, italics added)

Be Inspired,

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Simply a Supermom: Elizabeth Bowler, Elementary School Teacher

My friend, Liz, has an amazing gift to nurture those around her.  I had plenty of opportunity to see this special gift in action through witnessing the growth of my daughter who was in her third grade elementary class last year, and I was also able to personally observe it as I had the privilege to spend a few hours a week in her classroom.  As the year progressed, my amazement at her love and compassion for each child in her class continued to grow as I saw example after example of  Christlike characteristics in the way she interacted with all those around her.  Even though my daughter's third grade year is over,  "Miss Bowler"continues to nurture and care for her as well as all the other children she has ever taught.

 When being picked up from school, or after finishing an after school performance or rehearsal, it was a common occurrence to have my daughter take me by the arm and pull me over to find wherever Miss Bowler was. 
Then as soon as we found her she would let go of my hand, run to her and exclaim, "I wish you were my Mom!"  Liz would laugh and say "I'm not your mom; there is your mom" and indicate me as she would accept an almost crushing hug.  I was quick to assure both of them that "Miss Bowler is your mom too and I am so glad you have a mom at school!  I feel a lot better knowing that when I drop you off here each day."

    I am sure patience,  knowledge, and diligence, are just a few of the Christlike Attributes that  Liz exemplifies(Preach my Gospel Chapter 6).  Her patience is evident in the individual love she shows to each child, even though she teaches at least 40 students in her classroom every day, besides all the others who continue to come visit her after school.  She shares her knowledge of the subjects she is expected to teach, but also incorporates many fun, and sometimes overlooked, supplemental subjects including  music and movement, information about other countries (which she is an avid traveler herself whenever she has the opportunity),  and simple creative crafts.  Diligence is manifested by her continuous efforts to improve herself through her own education, through change and adaptation in the classroom as needed, and especially in the fact that she never gives up on any of her students.  She continues to show compassion, encouragement and trust in her belief that each child can succeed.

I thought of so many specific examples of how I saw her touch individual lives, but I will simply describe one of my favorites:  When a few of her students, including my own little Morning Glory, were performing in an evening ballet, "Rataballet," Supermom Miss Bowler used her own time to not only come and show support by watching the performance, but also in shopping for a perfect little gift for the dancers: a little Pez  dispenser with the Disney character of a rat from Ratatouille.   She also brought her camera and took the time to find each of her students and take a picture for her own memory scrapbooks, and the ones she makes for each of her students to remember the year.


Thanks so much, Liz for being a wonderful mom for my precious daughter and to so many others!

Be Inspired,

Friday, May 4, 2012

A Plea for Your prayers

As I am faced with the prospect of a 5th miscarriage, I am doing my best to do all in my power to nourish and strengthen myself and to pray for the strength and guidance and knowledge I need.  I ask for the prayers of any of you who would be willing to offer them.  I know there is much more power in the unity of faith.  I only ask that my Heavenly Father's will be done and that the power of the Atonement (see Elder Bednar's ensign article last month) can give me strength to know, accept and do my part, whatever that may be.

Thanks in advance!  I pray for each of you to also be supported in your own challenges.  Please feel free to post them her and I will pray for you individually as well.  I know there is power when we are united in the faith of what is true and pray for each other.

Be Inspired,

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thinking: Sunbeam Song

I am thankful for how music can bring sunshine to light up sadness.
My little Lady Slipper was sad.  I cuddled her as I tried to eat my lunch and listen to the BYU devotional at the same time.  During one part of the program everyone sang all four verses of "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam"  and I was really focused on the words on the screen, because I had never known there were four verses to that wonderful song, when my attention was drawn to Lady Slipper's large eyes as she recognized one of her favorite songs.  She still didn't smile her usual smiles, but the brightness was starting to peek through.

Be Inspired,

Photo Courtesy of Used by permission.  Visit her site to use some of her shining artwork to brighten up your life.  It certainly brightens mine.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Mini-Mission: Refine the Intent of my Heart

What is my intent as I make each choice? 

Is my intent changing to reflect God's will?

Is my intent reflecting love or selfishness?

As I prayerfully considered what my May Mini-mission should be, these scriptures, quotes and experiences came to my mind:

  • 5 Therefore, verily I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; aspeak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be bconfounded before men;6 For it shall be agiven you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say.7 But a commandment I give unto you, that ye shall declare whatsoever thing ye adeclare in my name, in solemnity of heart, in the spirit of meekness, in all things." (Doctrine and Covenants 100:5-7)

  • 21 Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain my word, and then shall your tongue be loosed; then, if you desire, you shall have my Spirit and my word, yea, the power of God unto the convincing of men. (Doctrine and Covenants 11:21)

  • The gift of your will is the only gift that is truly yours to give Neal A. Maxwell

  • While attending a musical training conference with Merilee Webb and Sharla Dance, I was taught that if I am a good musician or teacher, but have a sense of selfishness or pride in my heart, then I need to refine my intent and use my gifts only as God would have me use them. The way I teach and perform music was forever changed that day, but my heart started to change as well.  It is no longer about me, but about service.  (see here )

  • "You are asking the wrong question.  The question you should ask is What is Heavenly Father's plan for me?"  Julie B. Beck 2011 BYU Women's Conference
Be Inspired,


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