Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wise Women: The Woman Who Gave Me Life

The Mother who gave me life

Some of my favorite things she says to me:


  “There is no such thing as b-worded (bored)”
“You are my mission”

 “You really are like your name which means ‘Gods Gracious Gift of Joy’ to our family.  You even woke up happy as a baby”

“You are a peacemaker in our family.  Everything just seems brighter when you are home”

 “I am so thankful to have my daughter as a friend.”

“You are so creative.”

 “You are such an example to me.”

“You are such a good Mom.”

Some of my Favorite Memories:

Date with Mom Monday

Sewing and cooking projects together, especially my ruffled blue gingham apron

Teaching me how to be a Mom by trusting me to help babysit, do my sister’s hair and choose their outfits—and mine, even if they didn’t match.

Letting me rotate chores that made me feel grown up: laundry, cooking, kitchen, bathrooms . . .

Decided our family needed a piano and found a way to get us one and found ways for me to learn how to play.

Going to ward choir together for years.

Taking an organ playing class together.

Listening to her practice piano and trying to play by ear the songs I heard her play.

I love you Mom! Thanks for everything you continuously sacrifice for me!


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