Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

My husband has been treating me like a queen! He is always very loving to me but I especially thank him for his specially planned Mother's Day Month of spring cleaning each room that he initiated without any prompting from me. He had no idea I would end up on bed rest and it has been such a comfort to know that even before I was so out of commission, he had deep cleaned our home so I can feel less concern as I spend so much time lying around. Also he and Morning Glory continue to maintain the home daily.

I am also thankful for what my little flowers have done for me. Morning Glory has been working in secret during any snippet of free time she can find. Even starting last month I often heard her say,"Mom, please don't come in[such and such] a room for a while. I have a surprise for you I am working on in there." She was actually happy to fnd out I had to spend more time in my bed so she could more easily complete her plans in secret :-)  She even created a computer slide show.

Morning Glory's Special Mother's Day Breakfast

Morning Glory's secret, special projects

Lady Slipper's first time coloring shapes for me.

I love being a Mom!

Be Inspired,

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