Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to All Supermom's!

I pray that all you girls and women everywhere remember that you are Daughter's of  God and all are invited to be mothers in his kingdom.  Whether you have born your own children yet is irrelevant to that role.  You can choose to be a mother today simply by using your God-given gift to serve and nurture everyone around you--including yourself as His Precious daughter with infinite worth. I hope all of you are treated with the love and respect you deserve.  Happy Mother's Day from me!

See what Prophets Today say about your special eternal role

Be Inspired,

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  1. I was also inspired by the love shown toward all women as the prophets shared their gratitude for women in the video from the link above. I hope your heart is comforted. And strengthened as much as mine.



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