Friday, December 4, 2009

Simply Hair: Mom Style: Fancy Braided Updo with optional Headband

I believe it is really important to use a little time to take care of yourself, preferably before taking care of all those you take care of every day. This looks so fancy but only added about10 minutes to my normal 15 minute hair and make-up personal pamper time.

This is a mid-back length or longer hairstyle. Here is how I did it:

1) (you can leave this part out if you are not doing the front part of the style with the head band or ribbon) separate out the front part of your hair (I use my long bangs) and put it into a clip or rubber band.

2) A) Starting FROM THE BOTTOM (If you start from the top, you will see the part lines all over your head) separate the rest of your hair into three ponytails right on top of each other. To do this, first separate out a lower section and put the rest of the hair (besided the front part already separated out in step 1) up in a clip or rubber band. B)Then use a small rubber band ( the goody black or clear ones work best) and put it into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. C) Then separate about half of the "clipped up hair" from underneath and make it into a ponytail just above the first one--about halfway up the back of your head. D) Finally put the rest into a ponytail at the highest point where you would like your fancy braid updo to begin on your head.

3) A) Separate the top ponytail into two sections (or more if you like especially if you have thick hair) and braid one of the sections all the way down. Then coil it around the rubber band like a bun--or however you would like to coil it--around the top section of your head and secure with several bobby pins. then do the same with the second section of the top ponytail. B) I usually just do one braid with the second ponytail and coil it around and secure it with bobby pins. C) with the last ponytail, I like to remove the rubber band first, then braid it tightly and coil it up and around and secure it with bobby pins. D) Check the style and adjust where you want to and add more bobby pins until it feels secure on your head.

4) (skip this part if you are not doing the headband and braids in the front) A) Tie a ribbon around your head above the ponytails and tie underneath the lowest ponytail at the nape of your neck. (Or you can use a head band). B) Separate the front section of hair (step 1) into three sections and braid the right section (If you braid toward the front it will probably bunch up so braid it in the direction you are going--toward the back over the headband). pull it flat over the headband and secure it underneath the ribbon or headband with a bobby pin. C) do the same with the middle section and then the left section. D) then take each of those three braids and coil them in with the braids already coiled up on the back of your head. E) check that the style still looks good and is all secure with the bobby pins.

5) You can finish off with hair spray or little dabs of mousse where needed.

I got this idea by combining things I had seen online. The hair wrap over the headband is an idea I got from Babes in Hairland, Dressed up Headband Day 1 and the three ponytail updo was another idea she had which she found from this video I combined these ideas and used braids.

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