Monday, August 13, 2012

BYU Education Week

I have planned for Education Week for several months and was so excited as the time came closer. Then, as always seems to happen, opposition struck with a vengeance. At a routine checkup more autoimmune antibodies were found in my system and the Graves Disease that has been in remission came back in full force. I also started into another early miscarriage.

Logic told me I should stay home and rest but I had felt so strongly that it was right to go. What a quandary! With the second witness that my husband also felt I should go and it would be a good and important experience for me, and going completely on faith I made it to Provo and tried to relax for the night. Soon the pain from my miscarriage tripled and was not helped at all by the normal dose ibuprofin. I felt the tears coming and wondered how I was going to make it sitting in classes all day when I was in tears while lying down. I called my husband for reassurance, made sure I took the maximum ibuprofin allowed and finally fell asleep.

So far, the miracle I hoped for has begun as the pain has receded to a dull ache this morning and I have made it through one class so far. My emotions are also distracted by learning new things so right now I don't have to look too closely at the emotional pain of knowing I am losing a baby for the 6th time despite all my research on autoimmune miscarriages and all the positive changes I have worked so hard to implement in the past few months. I know I can't run from the pain but I am thankful that I can have some time to accept it and think about it more rationally while also enjoying new experiences in a place I love so much.(BYU is where I earned my Bachelor of Science degree back in 2000 so it is full of wonderful memories).

Be Inspired,
Janelle Joy


  1. As always you are such an inspiration to me! Thanks for the example.


  2. Thanks! I appreciate you too :)

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