Friday, August 3, 2012

Family Friendly: Am I a True Sister to All?

"How happy it will make you, if when that time comes, when you stand in the presence of the great Judge to give an account of the few years of life that have been spent in mortality, if these our Father’s children that He loves as much as He loves us, standing by us, say, 'Heavenly Father, it was this man, it was this woman who first brought to me the information of Thy glorious truth that provoked in me a desire to seek after Thee more fervently than I had done before. It was this man or this woman who did this blessed thing for me.'

"And that is not all.

"When that time comes, when you go down through the ages of eternity, that is a long time, you will have the love and the gratitude of every man, woman and child to whom you have been instrumental in bringing eternal happiness." (Teachings of the Prophet George Albert Smith, Chapter 12).

What better way could I be a true sister to all the many brothers and sisters around me than to share the precious gift of the knowledge I have of Jesus Christ and His Gospel? How well am I doing? I hope that someday I will be able to hear those wonderful words words (from the above quote)from at least two people: my daughters. I want them to be able to say that it was their mother who was the first to teach them of God.

Be Inspired,
Janelle Joy

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