Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sale on Book of Mormon Little Books

I previously posted about this wonderful set of early reader Book of Mormon books on my blog. So for the full description of why I love these books, click here. to summarize, I loved them because my daughter was able to use them to learn to read in the correct sequence very easily simply by reading these leveled scripture story books in order.

There is a great sale on these books that I just found out about and wanted to share. I received notice that the author is discounting the series as well as some of her other items if you order before December 31st, 2009. She is also offering free shipping. These are wonderful for a family and great gifts for pre-k to first grade age children. For more information or to order these books go here.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Daughter's Thanksgiving Decorations

I loved it when I saw how my daughter had used my favorite pilgrim decorations in a fun new way. She separated them by what they were holding in their arms and then put that item around it--like the girls were holding apples so she put a real apple by them, pumpkins by the boy holding a pumpkin and dried corn we picked up at the corn maze by the indian holding corn. I usually just lined them all up. It is so fun to walk into my living room and see her creation! I cheers me up and makes me smile:)

Saving money by altering my daughter's dance uniforms

When I found out that my daughter's school was going to offer free dance lessons I was so excited! The dance uniforms required are two piece black shorts and top that cost about $16 each piece if I got them through the on site vender. I did a little research and from Walmart was able to get a black leotard for $7 and black leggings for $5. I simply cut off the bottom of the leotard and then hemmed it. Next I altered the sleeves to make them the required cap sleeves instead of a little longer short sleeves. Finally, I cut off the leggings to the correct length and simply hemmed them up. I saved about $20 and it only took me about a half an hour of my time to alter them. Plus it was a fun sewing project:)


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