Thursday, August 12, 2010

Simply A Supermom: Julie B. Beck, General Relief Society President

Julie B. Beck is one of my hereos. I just listened to a wonderful episode of Conversations from the Mormon Channel where Sherri Dew, another one of my heroes, interviewed Sister Beck and her two daughters. Some of the most inspiring advice I learned from Sister Beck in this interview were:

1) When your priorities are out of order you lose power. The power you need daily in your life is the power of the Holy Ghost. When you do the most important, necessary things daily like prayer and scripture study, then you will have the power you need to know what to do in every situation of your life.

2) "Unwrap" your children by learning who they are and parent them when they are young in a way that will help them to become a friend you want to be with when they are older.

3) "Unwrap" yourself by discovering who you are as you serve in Relief Society.

4) She learned this thought from a sister she visited in another country: "When life gets really tough, go sing with all your heart." (I really liked this thought because that is what I do when I am having a hard time in my own life. If I take a break to sing, or to play the piano, then I am soon alright enough to keep going).

Another talk Julie B. Beck gave which is really inspiring to me is found here.


  1. Julie D. DunfordMarch 31, 2011

    YES! I agree! Julie B. Beck is also a hero of mine! She is a protector & defender of Motherhood & Families. I wish we could let her know how we feel. I know she has received a lot of negative criticism for her stand on mothers & families. She needs to know how grateful we are for her courage & that there are others who share her fervent testimony of this most important doctrine!



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