Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey was twice rejected this year. Our Thanksgiving meal plans sadly had to changemore than once. First, our thanksgiving duck was taken from our backyard by some sneaky animal.  Then we chose ham instead of turkey.  It was really good! (recipe is here).

But the turkey still had to make his appearance in some other ways.  First, Morning Glory had a fun English teacher who gave the class a turkey to color even though they are in 9th grade and promised to come to each and every home to make sure they displayed it on the fridge "just like they did in kindergarten."  She went along with the idea and made my day. So much fun:) And now that it is almost time to put away all the Thanksgiving decorations, Lady Slipper just had to have a turkey too: She wanted to paint a hand turkey. The holiday will last at least one more day before the decorations switch themes in our kitchen!! (Christmas is already all over the rest of the house.  I love the holidays). It is even worth cleaning up Starflower participation mess on my new tablecloth.  Totally worth it!

Be Inspired,

Jsnelle Joy


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