Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saving money by altering my daughter's dance uniforms

When I found out that my daughter's school was going to offer free dance lessons I was so excited! The dance uniforms required are two piece black shorts and top that cost about $16 each piece if I got them through the on site vender. I did a little research and from Walmart was able to get a black leotard for $7 and black leggings for $5. I simply cut off the bottom of the leotard and then hemmed it. Next I altered the sleeves to make them the required cap sleeves instead of a little longer short sleeves. Finally, I cut off the leggings to the correct length and simply hemmed them up. I saved about $20 and it only took me about a half an hour of my time to alter them. Plus it was a fun sewing project:)

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