Friday, May 4, 2012

A Plea for Your prayers

As I am faced with the prospect of a 5th miscarriage, I am doing my best to do all in my power to nourish and strengthen myself and to pray for the strength and guidance and knowledge I need.  I ask for the prayers of any of you who would be willing to offer them.  I know there is much more power in the unity of faith.  I only ask that my Heavenly Father's will be done and that the power of the Atonement (see Elder Bednar's ensign article last month) can give me strength to know, accept and do my part, whatever that may be.

Thanks in advance!  I pray for each of you to also be supported in your own challenges.  Please feel free to post them her and I will pray for you individually as well.  I know there is power when we are united in the faith of what is true and pray for each other.

Be Inspired,


  1. I had hoped to at least make it to church to take the sacrament. But simply getting up long enough to get dressed made the cramping and the pain come back so my loving husband convinced me that I need to stay home. I am thankful for friends who are taking care of teaching music for me today. .. and for all of you who are praying for me. I continue to pray for you as well. Janelle

  2. Still expecting! Each day is a miracle. I. am so happy to be a part of the creation of life no matter what the future holds. For today I am doing Gods will by being willing to accept His will. I feel the peace and hope and comfort and patience from the Holy Ghost. Yesterday I felt panic and fear threaten to overcome my faith but as I cried in my husband's arms I once again felt enough strength to choose courage for one more day. Today I am thankful there is a wall of protection between me and my fear. I encourage you to hold on a little longer no matter what is facing you. Love Janelle

  3. As the pain ebbs and flows, and the uncertainty continues to entice me to give in to despair, discouragement, or doubt, I am still holding fast to hope and faith. It is a conscious decision that I have to return to often, sometimes even moment by moment, because I cannot see the future with eyes of knowledge ; only eyes of faith. I better keep the glasses with the right prescription on at all times! LOL. I am thankful I still have hope.

  4. Thanks again for all of your prayers. The miracle of expecting another baby has once again eluded me, but the miracle of being United in prayer has been a miracle in itself and I have faith that God's will has been done and He has honored and answered all those prayers by doing what is best. That is all I truly desire.

    Once again,
    I am so thankful for the gifts of faith, hope, peace, comfort, prayers, and friends.



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