Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Truly Tender: MG Teaches Me

I woke up to a wonderful sight this morning:my Morning Glory was happily sitting on the couch in our music room/library reading the illustrated Prophets books (by Della Mae Rasmussen).  We try to read a few pages together each morning, but she is getting way ahead of me and then is able to teach me about what she read about.  Sometimes I miss when she runs into my room to say "I can't do scriptures without you , Mom!" and we have spent hours reading together.  But I can't deny the wonderful reward it is to see her wanting to do it on her own.  What a wonderful blessing.

Be Inspired by many of your own truly tender moments,

Janelle Joy

Note:  I wrote more about this fun experience this morning in my letter to my daughter on Stripling Scriptures.

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