Saturday, July 7, 2012

Simply a Supermom: Any Woman Who Teaches Through Good Music

I have really enjoyed sharing my love of music with my daughters and also with my students and the children I teach music to at church. Throughout my years of teaching music, I have especially noticed how it is a simple but powerful way to have fun at the same time as learning and teaching valuable lessons in principles, values and also academics.

 I am currently working on writing lesson plans geared for Moms and toddlers-preschool children that can easily be shared with individual families or in a mom and me playgroup.   These lesson plans focus on particular musical concepts (based on the Kodaly level 1 curriculum sequence) through scripture mastery verses, primary songs and hymns, and also incorporating folk songs, rhymes and important classical pieces. No musical training is required! I just completed my first Mormon Mom and Me lesson plan.  If you are interested see Joy4allmusic.

Also watch for other music tips for primary music at church as well as for older children in the home.

Be Inspired,

Janelle Joy

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