Sunday, July 29, 2012

Capri Sun Super V Juice: "Every Super Mom's Secret Weapon?"

I don't give juice to my girls very often. I prefer water. However sometimes sick little girls get juice to encourage them to drink more fluids. I chose Capri Sun Super V fruit and vegetable juice. As I opened the box, I noticed the ad on the back. In bold letters it said:"Every Super Mom's Secret Weapon." That made me stop and think. I know juice is definitely not a true secret weapon for raising children, so what is? Instantly one very important answer came to mind, "The Holy Spirit of God." Now that is a true secret weapon.
"I pray that that Spirit which keeps us in the pathway of truth and righteousness may abide with us, and I pray that that desire that comes from the inspiration of our Heavenly Father may direct us on that pathway of life."(Teachings of the Prophet George Albert Smith, Chapter 11).
Be Inspired,
Janelle Joy

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