Monday, July 30, 2012

Return and Report to Receive Further Counsel and Direction

When a young person is called to serve, the responsibilities that go with the call are outlined. With this stewardship comes the responsibility to give an accounting. That is, we receive direction, we carry out our responsibility, or we “do it” as President Kimball says, and then we return and report what we have done and receive further counsel and direction. This accounting is scheduled at regular intervals with a member of the bishopric but should also be a daily accounting with the Lord who will bless and magnify those whom he calls to be his leaders.( z

And so today youth are being called, set apart, provided with training materials and dedicated leaders to assist them in magnifying their sacred callings. And when the historical records of youth leaders of this dispensation are reviewed by those who will follow, it might well read: “They were called of God; they were exceedingly young; they were directed by the Spirit; they carried each others’ burdens; they were servants of the Lord.”

I found these quotes after making a search on"return and report " on I realised that every experience, including family and church assignments, have given me the opportunity to return and report and to receive more counsel. Each time I failed to return and report, I lost the opportunity for that greater counsel and learning even if I had successfully completed the assignment. It was really incomplete without reporting it at minimum in my daily prayer. Now I believe I will know to think carefully and report what I have already been doing with my stewardship before asking for additional help in that stewardship.

Be Inspired,
Janelle Joy

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