Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 2012 Monthly Mission: "Return and Report"

"I did it, Dad!"

I have really struggled with feeling "set" on what goal I wanted to do for July.  I have almost posted some other goals but just a little while ago while my Visiting Teacher was visiting with me in my home, I felt very strongly what my focus should be for the rest of this month.  What is very interesting is that it is something I have already been feeling impressed to work on myself, and have been doing it somewhat, without having the focused and specific title to it in my mind: return and report.

As my Visiting Teacher taught me, there are many ways we are asked to return and report in the Church.  I have been feeling especially drawn toward the need to return and report to God through prayer each night--and to do it more intentionally. We should report our tithing to the Bishop at Tithing Settlement. We should give a detailed  Visitin Teaching report to our Supervisor regarding how the sisters under our stewardship are doing spiritually and temorally and what service we have given them during the month. . . .

I hope to learn more about how this sacred doctrine to Return and Report helps me to become closer to God, learn more of what His will is for me personally, and therefore find more joy.  

Be Inspired,

Janelle Joy

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