Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spiritual Gifts

The lessons today at both Sunday School and Relief Society, were about spiritual gifts and talents. The main lesson for me today was to think about the fact that gifts are given to everyone for the purpose of sharing with others and that means they only work in a community, not for just one person alone. We all need to have friends and be friends and then we all can take advantage of the help we each can receive from the use of each others' talents.

I think the reason that is the main part of the lessons that stood out to me is because of my personal experience of depression. I was badly depressed and withdrawn for about three years before I found out about my thyroid problem (Graves Disease) and was able to have treatment and become myself again. During that time it was hard to want to be around other people. I just wanted to be alone. But family encouraged me to still look for friends and force myself to do things with other people. Even the answer to my prayers kept being "find good friends." I am glad that I did.

I found a group of women who met to work out early in the morning. The workout helped me in working through the harder times with my thyroid levels, even after the problem was diagnosed, and gave me a chance to be with friends daily. They also were good listeners and didn't judge me when I was a little "off" and more withdrawn or emotional. I was also able to help care for their children on their turn to go exercise (we all took turns with the kids) and also to listen and be a support for them through their challenges. I know that being with others gave me a chance to benefit from the spiritual gifts of others and to be able to contribute mine as well.

Sunday School Member Study Guide and related scriptures
Parable of the Talents: Matthew 25:14-30

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  1. Janelle,

    We had this same lesson on Sunday, and I too really enjoyed it. You have always been a good friend, and someone who I will always look up to!



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