Monday, May 4, 2009

Great "Total Body Workout"

I have a thyroid condition which lends me to easy hormone shifts and mood highs and lows. So now I have finally become fairly stable and functional as long as I don't skip my exercise time. That used to be a goal and sometimes only a dream but is now a necessity.

My favorite workout is "Total Body Workout" aired on BYU Television and KBYUTV It can be watched at anytime online (and your choice of the episode of today or from the past six weeks) or at scheduled time on those two TV channels. It is an hour long so sometimes on my more "off" days I can only do half of it but it is still a good workout then too.

The main reason it is my favorite is because it automatically sets up a complete physical fitness program for me including stretching, strength training and aerobics because the episodes are arranged each day to rotate between those focuses for a well rounded routine. If I simply do the program that is on each day, I automatically have worked out all those areas of my body. It is a fun surprise to find out what the focus will be each day. Some other reasons I like it are
1) The music and the dress don't make me uncomfortable or distracted as I workout.
2) The teacher explains things simply and I feel like I am learning new things.
3) They do a lot of yoga which I really love.
4) There are several ages and conditions represented for each workout: older, middle and younger; advanced and beginner; flexible or not; pregnant; both men and women.
5) The equipment can be as simple as I want (for example they use disks sometimes and I don't have them so they recommend a paper plate or I have even used a plain sheet of paper to slide my feet on. . . it is a lot of fun) and they always have someone representing those who don't have the equipment.

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