Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fast and Fun, "next day" Hairstyle

A pretty style I did on my daughter's hair was a round braid like a crown all around her head. On the outside, it is a french braid (pulling up sections of hair from the outside as I go around) but the inside of the braid is regular (not pulling any new sections in with it). The next morning it still looked really nice but my daughter didn't realize it so she started to take it out. I found her just in time and rescued it by pulling the undone portion into a cute side ponytail. It looks beautiful.

My favorite places to get hair ideas for little girls are:

http://babesinhairland.blogspot.com/ . . . I just checked this site out again and found that she has a great video and typed directions as well for the full crown round braid that is similar to mine. Check it out under her videos section.


1 comment:

  1. Love the braid. I never have been very good at braiding. Angelisa is sure lucky to have you as her mom.



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