Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Decluttering my Bookshelf

I made over $200 today by selling books over the internet. My husband and I had several textbooks and my daughter had extra picture books. I just checked on several of the most popular websites which buy used textbooks and other books and compared the offers I received. Different websites offered different prices and some accepted some of the books but not others. Most offered free shipping. The ones I used to sell my books today are:
http://powells.com/ (This one accepted lots of books, they offer paypal compensation)
http://www.textbookwheel.com/ (This one accepted the most books, and paid good prices)

1 comment:

  1. Janelle, looks like you have been really busy. this is a ton of post for so few days. the books you sold, were they all old textbooks? scott has a ton. i'm glad to see you are keeping yourself busy. just in case you forgot, my request of being your listening ear is still open. have a great day. loves, lisa



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