Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Own Personal Pamper Session

I had a discussion with my husband about how I felt I was always working and that even my "play" was doing something to benefit the family. I didn't feel like "me" anymore. He had some great advice:
1) choose some things to do just for fun.
2) Change the way you look at what you are doing. If you look at it as work it will not be fun even if it is something you enjoy.

Well, I have had some fun experimenting with both of those suggestions since then. One of my favorite new luxuries is that I followed option #2 above and decided that when I get ready in the morning I will have fun, not rush quite as fast, and enjoy a pamper session. Now I really look forward to my bubble bath or shower, make-up and a fun hair-do even if some days it is only a quick ponytail. And if I have 20 minutes instead of 15 I can even add a bracelet or necklace too. It is a simple change but has made a big difference. I really look forward to my own personal pamper session almost every morning.

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