Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I love Romantic, Family, Country Music

When I listen to songs about loving husbands or about good mom's or dads . . . or anything romantic and with good family values. I get more loving and romantic myself. I look for the good things that are around me and I appreciate them more. I am also more likely to treat my family in a nicer way.

When my husband is gone it is fun to listen to these songs and miss him. Or when I have a rare day where I have the house to myself I love to turn music up loud and sing along and do some deep cleaning. I have loved to do that since I was a teenager. I was the oldest of ten children and having time in the house alone was very rare but was sure fun when it happened. Sometimes I stayed home from family outings on purpose so I could have that special time to myself. I'm sure my mom loved the cleaner house when they all came back too.

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