Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Creating a Refined, Peaceful, Home #1--Spiritual Tour

As I was sitting in the Temple last week, I felt so loved and so peaceful. The surroundings were beautiful and clean and quiet; the people were talking in quiet tones and were dressed simply but neatly; The music was quiet and soothing; There were people available to help and direct others; There were scriptures available to study; and there was time for pondering and praying.

I thought of my own home and how I have always had the goal, even when I was growing up, to have a home where people feel comfortable and want to be there. I asked myself the question I have asked so many times: Have I accomplished that goal? Is my home a place of comfort and peace where my family feels safe and wants to be there? It reminded me of a conference talk by Elder Gary E. Stevenson: "Sacred Homes, Sacred Temples" given last April at General Conference. He invited us to:
"take a virtual tour of their homes using their spiritual eyes . . . I testify to you that the application of these [Gospel] principles will help turn the doors of your home to the temple, or house of the Lord, and more fully allow you to make your sacred home a house of the Lord."

So I have decided to take that challenge and during the month of July I want to take a "Spiritual Tour" of my home and see if I can find simple ways to improve, or even happily notice simple ways I am already succeeding. Watch for future post about my findings! I would love comments about your own tours of your home environment.

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