Friday, June 5, 2009

K12 First Grade Curriculum Review

I really enjoyed being a guide for my daughter this year as she completed first grade through a virtual academy public school which uses the K12 curriculum. It was a little challenging finishing the whole curriculum since we started in January, but overall it was a good experience. My favorite aspects of this program are:

-Free complete curriculum materials and lesson plans sent to me in the mail and available online.
-Online computer software that tracks where my child is at academically.
-Still considered a public school so there was a teacher assigned to my daughter and she did phone and internet classes with her and phone or internet classsroom instruction and question answer sessions and parent teacher coferences monthly.
-Very thorough and fun curiculum. She especially enjoyed the science and history sections
-online learning games and online audio stories which enhanced the study of the day.
-assessments for almost every lesson which we could take BEFORE c ompleteing the lesson and find out if it is stuff already known.
-Anything I considered to be minutes toward a specific subject was able to count so there was great flexibility: making necklaces could be art, reading scriptures together could be language arts, phonics , or history . . .

The challenges were:
-starting mid school year, although the teacher was very helpful
-Too much time on the computer for me (the guide) since I read through the lessons so I could teach them to her ... in the end I got very good at seeing the objectives and improvising so I didn't need to stare at the screen so long.
-remembering to keep track of the minutes spent in each subject so that I could post her minutes into her attendance each day.

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