Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our New Comfy Cozy Reading Room

The Reading Room was already my favorite room in the house and it was pretty nice already, but I was excited to try out what I had learned at Enrichment Nightlast night with Angela, the creator of imginecozy. I so wish I had remembered to take "before" Pics but at least I can show off the results!

The chair with the red blanket on it was brought in from another room, the smaller white shelf was turned at an angle instead of right next to the larger shelf, and I went through the books and moved out lots of them and added some little "doo dads" as Angela would say.
The couch, piano, rug and tables and even the large picture are still in their same places (the picture needs to be rehung when hubby can help me) I added the black chest from another room, the white pillar with the plant from the corner where the shelf is now turned at an angle, and moved two red lamps off of the piano.

The red blankets were already in this room as accents but now I draped one over the back of the couch instead of just thrown on one of the arms, I put the lamps from the piano behind the couch. (I have decided to put them at a little different heights now although that isn't shown in this picture) I didn't have any tables to put them on so I just used a box and a suitcase behind the couch to set them on.
Thanks Angela! That was really fun and didn't cost anything and now it is an even comfier cozier room. And the best part was doing it together with my daughter who has now run off to do the same to her own bedroom.

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