Friday, June 5, 2009

Sweaty smell and stains out of whites

Another quest I have been on last week was to figure out how to get even the armpits of my whites clean and fresh smelling. The idea that worked (again can't remember which blog I got it from) was to use electrasol dishwasher soap (I used cascade lemon scent) and soak the clothing in it before washing. Warnings: 1) this can work on some colors too, I used it on two brightly colored shirts and it was great but on one it didn't work but left bleached out areas--so always do a small spot test first 2) The dishwasher soap has warnings on the back not to mix even with handsoap or you might get fumes so I just soak my clothes in the washing machine for a few hours (or overnight) with the dishwasher soap dissolved first into the water, and then wash the next morning with only that and not add any detergent or other cleaners.

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