Friday, June 12, 2009

Simply Hair: Homemade Flower clip and braids

We tried the Babes in Hairland simple braids and a turkeytail. If you notice that it doesn't look like she has any turkey tails it is because her hair is not so thick as the one in the model and so it is looped up cute but you can't really see it. I like the fast easy ones on busy days.

Also, in less than one minute, I made up a flower accessory by having my dd choose a flower from her collection of silk flowers, grabbing a hair clip, taking out the plastic part in the middle and then sewing a few simple stitches through the petals and around the hair clip. Then I replaced the plastic center and clipped it into her hair. I even got to do a craft today
yeah! Since I love crafts and I love dong hair, this little adventure today was a time out for mom for sure. Taking the few minutes to do this and to post in here, really helps me feel like I got to do something fun and creative today. Simple really is best!!

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