Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thankful Thinking: Lady Slipper's New Word: "Sad"

Yesterday, Lady Slipper began to say "I sad" with the cutest little tears in her eyes.   I had never heard her say that before.  She used to run up to me and bounce up and down hanging on to my legs or my skirt and begging with her arms up, "huds huds" (hugs) until I would pick her up.

Later that same day, Moring Glory had to go to the Dr. with an injured thumb and found out it was broken and would require a cast from thumb to elbow probably all summer.  While trying to be brave, a few tears still began to fall after hearing that news and her observant little sister used her new word, "sad, sad" and gave Morning glory a great big hug right there in the doctor's office.  That helped Morning Glory to start laughing and she was ready to have the temporary splint put on.

I am thankful for little ones and their cute first words.  I feel that Lady Slipper learning that particular word today was a special blessing.  What a wonderful memory.

Thanks for sharing that cute new word with us, Lady Slipper!
Thanks for your bravery, Morning Glory!
I am so thankful for both of you being part of our family.


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