Monday, June 18, 2012

A Father's Nonverbal Teaching

My Mom (who was hubby's mom first) gave a very inspiring talk in Sacrament Meeting today. She prepared for her talk by asking family members what nonverbal lessons they had learned simply by observing and spending time with their father. In her talk she shared several of the responses.

What nonverbal lessons did I learn from my father? One thing which came easily to my mind was to keep going even through pain, sorrow, misunderstanding, health challenges and all other obstacles I face. Another one was a deep love of studying and exploring the scriptures regularly and choosing to study them in my precious free time as well.
What nonverbal lessons do I learn from my husband? Patience, love, unselfishness, quick to forgive and forget, he magnifies my virtues and turns annoying characteristics into "cute Janelle traits". . .

Be Inspired,
Janelle Joy

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