Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June Mini-Mission: Sustain Family Members

As I read the First Presidency Message today, I was inspired to take a different direction in my planned mini-mission for this month.  I want to find more joy in my life by learning to better sustain my family members in their family callings, as I do all those around me in their church callings. President Eyring states, "Even though the Lord calls His servants by revelation, they can function only after being sustained by those they are called to serve." If I want my family to survive and then thrive, I must learn to effectively sustain.

What are some specific ways to sustain?
  • Accept differences and weaknesses with patience and meekness.
  • Help those I sustain
  • Pray daily for those I sustain
  • Thank them for their contributions to my life
Be Inspired,
 Janelle Joy

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