Friday, June 29, 2012

Family Friendly: Yoga Alphabet

S few months ago, Morning Glory suggested we do the alphabet in yoga poses. It was a lot of fun and we posted about it here.
I wanted to give you all another chance to have some fun creating yoga poses for letters too. If we don't have any response then we will just continue to post our own poses but it would be really fun if any of you want to help us add to the creativity!

I would love to post your own funny Yoga Alphabet pictures to finish off the Alphabet. If you want them shared, send the images and description to me at with the subject line Yoga Alphabet. Be sure to include your permission to publish the picture and include permission for whatever information you want to share. Note: All pictures must be modest and approved for all viewers and only information from submitter's 18 and older will be shared (ie I will not post your children's names or any other info without guardian permission).

Be Inspired and be fit,

Janelle Joy

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