Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Worthy Wife: The Wisdom to "Add it to the Ignore List"

I was inspired when I heard someone tell a story of a woman with great wisdom.  I remember it like this:

When she was newly married, she made a list of 10 things her husband did which had the possibility of annoying her in the future and she committed herself to overlooking those characteristics.  After she had been married several years, she was asked how she had remained so happily married.  Her reply was that whenever something annoyed her about her husband she would simply tell herself that habit, annoyance etc was on her "ignore list." 
(I tried to find the source but haven't found it yet. I think it might have been President  Monson)

Since hearing of that woman's "ignore list"  I have noticed that my husband must have a very good sized ignore list for me since he treats me so well.  I was motivated and have happily noticed some changes as I have more often had the wisdom to say "I can ignore that" to myself when something bothers me.

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