Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nana, I Love You the Yellowest

I am thrilled today  to discover that our daughter advanced to the publishing level of the poetry contest she entered last year. She wrote this poem about my own special Supermom and I agree with these shining words! Here is her winning entry:

I Love You the Yellowest

Nana, I love you the Yellowest. 
 I love you the color
of the bright yellow moon
filling the sea black sky of wonders.
I love you the shade of a light yellow daisy in a
garden of bright green grass
and sweet flowers.
I love you like the yellow, golden,
 shimmering sunshine at daylight.
You are a sweet yellow star that I wish upon at night.
Nana, I love you the Yellowest.

(Written by my own Joyful Canary, copyright  2011)

If you are interested in your child having a chance to enter a poetry or essay contest and have a chance to be published contact Creative Communication.

I love you my Golden Joyful Canary

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