Sunday, January 5, 2014

Simply a Supermom: Mary-- Willing to Give Life and then Give it Away

This Christmas season had so much more meaning for me than any I have celebrated before. Each time I heard, read, sang, or watched anything about Mary and baby Jesus, I couldn't push away the ache inside for my own baby boy, Benjamin, miscarried suddenly on November 8, 2013 at 2:30 am, at only just over three months along. He was so tiny, yet so perfectly formed. I especially remember his exquisite little hands and feet with all ten tiny fingers and toes, his little open mouth, and miniature ears.

Almost immediately after returning home from the Dr. ,we began to spontaneously begin our Christmas decorating early as a means of cheering us up. Little did I comprehend how beginning this Christmas season with the birth of my own baby boy, even though so small and fragile and gone so quickly, would change my heart forever.

The heartache I felt each time I thought of Mary's sacrifice to bring little baby Jesus into the world for each of us and then to watch Him as He chose to give His life back to His Father in Heaven so that we all can return to our Heavenly home, was deepened more than I could have ever comprehended before losing my own son.  The joy of knowing that only through the loss and suffering of Mary's son, am I and all others saved.

I can't imagine the experience of cradling and raising the son of God, let alone the anguish of watching him willingly give his life.
Mary was chosen for her special mission because of her unique and special gifts, not the least of which were humility and complete trust in God.
What special mission is given to each of us as individual sons and daughters of God? Are we working to discover and fulfill our own destiny?  Some that only we can touch are waiting for us.

What a wonderful Christmas Season.

Be Inspired,

Janelle Joy

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