Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mommy MTC Moments: Playdough and Hand Shadows

Lady Slipper was sick for the first two weeks of her new sunbeam class (for 3 and 4-year-olds at church on on Sundays.  I really wanted to find a few moments to teach her about the lessons she had missed:
I am a Child of God and Heavenly Father Has a Body. It has been much harder for me to do since I started working last year. I listened to the lessons online while doing my workout one morning to get ideas and then I just watched for ways I could incorporate those principles into fun little teaching snippets during our normal day.

When she asked me to play with the play dough in her play kitchen, I suggested we use her gingerbread man shape to make "cookies" and helped her put them in her tiny pan.  We talked about how she is a daughter of Heavenly Father and he has two eyes, a head, feet and arms just like she does.  We made a Heavenly Father cookie and a Lady Slipper cookie.

Then one night when she asked me to cuddle with her in her bed, She wanted her dolphin lamp on and I noticed it  cast fun hand shadows on the wall by her bed.  We played with the shadows using our hands and talked about how Heavenly Father has hands too.

I am learning that I can still find short and simple mommy moments even as a working mom.

What is your favorite Mommy Moment today?

Be Inspired,

Janelle Craig

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