Saturday, March 31, 2012

Simply Beautiful: Daughters of God Reflect Him

I am soooooo excited!  Today is  General Conference!!!
I have felt the need to work on reflecting the image of all my wonderful mothers, and hopefully my Savior Jesus Christ, by preparing to receive the messages of God.

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Sister Julie B. Beck just glows with beautiful light too and I want to be just like her . . .(in a Janelle Joy kind of way:)  I wanted to follow my RS Presidency and my Visiting Teacher and prepare by finding the pattern in the past talks of this wonderful example of the beauty of a Daughter of God:

Develop a Mother Heart
"some of the truest mother hearts beat in the breasts of women who do not have children on this earth . . ."
"That young mother will build faith and character in the next generation one family prayer at a time , one scripture study session, one book read aloud, one family meal one song . . . at a time.  She is involved in a great work."

"Every girl and woman who makes and keeps sacred covenants can have a mother heart.  There is no limit to what a woman with a mother heart can accomplish . . . how grateful I am to the  Lord for trusting  women in the glorious role of motherhood" 


Please insert a picture of youself in your mind.  I wish I could put in the picture of each of you, a Daughter or Son of God. 
I hope we all choose to reflect our Father and Creator.  Somehow, if we prepare to hear, and continue to listen and follow God, we will begin to see something of Him in our reflection.

Be Inpired,

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