Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Truly Tender: February Family Fitness Fun Moments

I feel that my February Mini-Mission was successful.  I noticed that we did many more active family activites which brought us more joy.  Here are some of my favorites:

  • Several park playdates meeting friends from school and/or church.
  • Family bike rides
  • Patiently turning my Mommy yoga time into Mommy and Me yoga time
  • Encouraging outside play even when it cut into normal homework scheduled time.
  • Turning on music and playing Bunny Hop, Chicken Dance and Chicken Fat (with Robert Preston) games with my girls and their friends over at our house joined in too.
  • Taking time to stop and play "Elefun" game with my littlest one when she asked me to and playing it slowly enough to allow her time to bend down and pick up individual butterflies to put in her net after they came shooting out of the elephant's trunk and onto the floor.  Then being patient enough to allow her to pick up one butterfly at atime to hand to me so I could put it back into the trunk for another game.  All the bending over added to the fitness!
  • I found myself doing squats and stretches while performing normal house chores like laundry and dishes.
  • My daughter came home so excited that she didn't give up when one day playing basketball she couldn't catch a chest pass correctly in pe class.  A couple of days ago she jumped into the car and excitedly cried out: "I caught a chest pass today!"
I would love your comments with suggestions or your own experiences making Fitness more fun for yourself and/or your family.  I will be continuing this mini-mission throughout the year.

Be Inpired,

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