Sunday, February 12, 2012

Simply a Supermom: Rachel with Sun Swing Media

Rachel Leavitt and her husband, Brent, have started an online business with a goal to create and share uplifting children's media.  My daughter and I recently watched the first video: "The Decision."  Their videos are based on stories from the Friend Magazine

This particular story is valuable because in a short, simple way it teaches the importance of not only avoiding pornography, but even more importantly teaches children the importance of going to their parents when they come across pornography and giving their parents a chance to share their good decision with them.  Children are much safer this way than if they try to figure out what they just saw by going on an Internet search themselves or by just feeling strange inside and having no one to help them understand why they feel the way they do. 

I am very impressed with this video and the lesson it teaches.  A perfect   teaching moment to share with your children in a very fun, non-confrontational way.  I highly recommend it.

Thanks Rachel for being a supermom and helping all the rest of us teach our children in this fun and creative way.

See  for more information or too view "The Decision" or any of their other videos.

Be Inspired,

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