Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thankful Thinking: Mending Time

I was able to mend some clothes with Lady Slipper. I prepared the needle and thread and started each stitch and then she pulled the needle through to complete it.   It was a fun and relaxing few moments as we listened to music and mended together. I remember doing the same thing with Morning Glory too.
Many other moments came back to enter my memories as we stitched.  I loved it when Grandma Mattie came to visit and she let me sit and mend socks and other clothing items with her.  I loved it so much,  that I searched extra hard for any tiny holes in my favorite play dresses (which often got caught in the wheels of my Powder Puff bike) just so we could have more mending time together.
Grandma's legacy of mending time also reminded me of my mom's favorite memory of home as she was growing up.  She loved the special quiet time each evening when she could sit quietly with her mom on the green sofa (which is still the one I always sat on at Grandma's house too) and watch TV while Grandma knitted.
Do you have any meaningful mending memories?
Be Inspired,
Janelle Joy

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