Monday, September 8, 2014

Mommy Moments: Knitting a Vest.

I recently found out we are expecting a baby girl.  What does that have to do with the tiny white vest I just finished not long ago?  Well, I have a tradition to make my own special outfit for the blessing day of each of my babies. Even though this is my 14th pregnancy, I have made only three of these: two blessing dresses and this little white vest I just made for our son.
Hmmm. What to think now that I realize my strong feelings that I am expecting a son are incorrect?  At first I became scared.  "If I am not really having a son, does that mean I am going to lose this little girl too?" Picturing our little son in my mind is one thing that has given me hope for the possibility  of actually meeting this little life within me. "Does this mean I don't know how to listen to the Spirit? Was I wrong to trust so completely in my feelings this time?"
These and many other questions have battled within my heart and mind. 
However, peace continues to overcome the fears.  I have decided not to feel scared  or doubt my inspiration.   It is OK even if any of those fears really are true.  I know it took great faith and increased my hope when I decided to knit that vest and not wait until closer to my due date. Isn't that experience worth it no matter what the outcome is?  Yes!! I know it is.
Now I can follow my Morning Glory' s lead and get all excited about blessing dress patterns.   I can decide now to be happy and trust in God no matter what his plan is for me.
Did something surprise you today? Did your life take an unexpected turn?
Be Inspired,
Janelle Joy

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