Saturday, February 1, 2014

Simply a Supermom: Abish

I love the story of Abish in the Book of Mormon (Alma 19:16-17). Abish has several supermom characteristics:
  •  She must have trusted her father and supported him when he shared his "remarkable vision," respecting his leadership in receiving guidance from God regarding the leadership of his family. 
  • As time passed she must have sought her own knowledge and confirmation of the truths revealed to her father because by the time of this story, her own personal testimony is apparent in her zeal to share the Gospel by running " from house to house making it known unto the people."  
  • She must have had the Spirit's influence to know what should be done and great faith and courage and willingness to obey.
  •  I am sure she was also a patient woman as she waited and hoped for years openly living the principles she learned from God even as she was surrounded by wickedness. She shared the Gospel only through her example until the time was right to share this miraculous experience she witnessed in the kings house.
  • She also exemplifies great faith and diligence by not giving up or running away when she saw that many of the people interpreted the situation very differently from how she did.     
  • What can we learn from Abish today? 
     Be Inspired,
           Janelle Joy                                                   

P.S. See what other supermoms have to share about what they have learned from the story of Abish

   "In the Book of Mormon, Abish was converted by her father’s sharing with her his remarkable vision. For many... ...testimony and the miracles she had witnessed in the king’s court. The power of Abish's conversion and testimony was instrumental in changing an entire society. ( "Love Her Mother"     Elaine S. Dalton, October 2011 General Conference)

Having hidden her testimony for many years, Abish finally had her moment, and she did not hesitate. The result changed hundreds of lives.We may never know the impact our testimony might have on other people. In fact, we may wonder sometimes if our testimony can make a difference. We might even say to ourselves, “Will it really matter if I say something? I am just one person—one voice.”  ("Abish: A Common Servant, a True Testimony" 
 By Heather B. Moore)

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