Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Truly Tender: "Mummy Man" and a Purple Platypus

As my sweet hubby read us some scripture verses at the beginning of our family home evening last night, I could barely keep from laughing. He had a stuffed purple platypus balanced on the top of his head as he rocked back and forth in the rocking chair and said a few words of scripture at a time so that Lady Slipper could repeat the words after him. As he came to the final few words, I was no longer able to keep the laughter in as I watched Lady Slipper remove the platypus from his head and try to balance it on the top of her own head while still trying to repeat the words of the scripture. As her daddy said "of all men" she repeated in a very serious voice: "mummy man."

The joy I felt as I laughed together with my family inspired me to think of other special and tender moments of the day.  I was inspired to change my planned Family Home Evening lesson and simply share how I felt Heavenly Father's love for me during that funny moment of a mummy man and a purple platypus.   Then I asked the others to share some of special moments they had that day.  Lady Slipper was given a picture of Elder Bednar to hold as I explained that he had taught us to notice the tender mercies of the Lord--the special moments when we feel Heavenly Father's love (See "The Tender Mercies of the Lord" by Elder Bednar, April 2005). As we shared together, we truly experienced our own tender mercy last night.

Be Inspired,

Janelle Joy

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