Monday, April 15, 2013

Moroni Men and Wise Women Know How to Receive and Act on Personal Revelation.

I loved reading this counsel about personal revelation from the Doctrine and CovenantsGospel Doctrine Teachers Manual Lesson 6:

What should we do when personal revelation does not come when we desire it? (Answers could include those listed below.)

a. Be patient and continue to wait faithfully on the Lord (D&C 98:2). He will answer in His time. Exercising patience helps us grow spiritually and develop attributes of godliness. You may want to read the second paragraph of the letter that is quoted in Official Declaration 2 (pages 293–94 in the Doctrine and Covenants), pointing out that even prophets must exercise patience as they seek divine guidance.

b. Increase our efforts to be in tune spiritually so we can receive and recognize the whisperings of the Spirit.

c. Increase our efforts to study and pray, recognizing that we may not have done this as long, as faithfully, or as honestly as we should.

d. Be more faithful in obeying the commandments (Isaiah 59:2).

e. Set the matter aside for a while. Flashes of inspiration often come when we least expect them, while our minds are no longer consumed by the matter.

f. Recognize that we may be seeking counsel on matters that we should determine for ourselves, using our best judgment based on study and reason. In these cases the Lord may leave us to decide on our own (for examples, see D&C 58:25–28; 60:5; 61:22; 62:5). The Lord often allows us to make our own decisions in righteousness.

g. Evaluate whether we may have received an answer already but have not accepted it because it was not what we hoped for or expected. If we insist on what we want, we may close off the Spirit’s communication with us.

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