Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Create a Refined Home #3--Refined Music

What is refined music? I think that will be different for each person. I do NOT believe that means only classical or church music although those are definitely included. The results of my own home tour of our music is that each family member is different and there are a few things the others listen to that do not seem refined or uplifting to ME but I need to respect their idea of good music (as long as it is not a bad influence that we have agreed as a family we will not have, of course). So my gauge of how we are doing is to make sure that there is plenty of good music available in my home. We do really well at that! We are a really music loving family and there is great variety and a lot available here.

Goal: Remember to turn some good music on every day

Favorite online music links:
WCPE Classical Station
LDS Music Website

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  1. I agree that good music is so uplifting and important to have in a home. I love Pandora. I didn't realize you could play music from the church's site. I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Thanks for the Support Erika! The church music website has downloads of Church hymns and Children's primary songs. It also has an interactive player to play a hymn in only one part at a time (example only alto part so you can learn it) It also has helps in lerning conducting It is a fun site to go to.



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