Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Testimony of Scripture Study and Prayer

I have been completing my own Personal Progress goals along with Morning Glory as she works on her Young Women program.  The first experience goal in the Choice and Accountability section focuses on the importance of daily scripture study and prayer to enable all of us to make decisions which lead to happiness.  It required me to think back and notice how my decisions have been shaped by my choice to always study and pray.  I am so thankful I made that choice as a little, tiny primary girl, even before I was old enough to be baptized.

Without scripture study and prayer, I would make many wrong decisions in my life. My major in college would have been focused on English instead of mostly on family. I would not have known it was important for my mission on earth to finish college and get married instead of going on a full time mission. I would not have married Robert.
I would not have known it was right to stay with him when things got really tough. I may have given in to well meaning advice that my own health was more important and I would not have my three girls.
I would have lost confidence in myself, especially when I felt overcome with health challenges and anxiety and depression.
I would not have known that full time school instead of home school was right for Morning Glory and which schools she should attend. I would not have known when it was time to turn those decisions over to her. I would not have known When it was right for me to leave my parents and live in California and later when it was right to move to St. George. I would not have known when it was important for me to stay home with my girls full time and when it was important for me to work at The Learning Center for Families. I would not have recovered from the grief of losing my baby Benjamin and my other little lost ones.

My life is truly only what it is because of scripture study and prayer

Be Inspired,

Janelle Joy

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