Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Sustaining Gift of My Husband's Love

Even with my monrhly goal to guide and comfort me, several times I have failed to be still and act with the influence of the Spirit and have instead reacted with fear, doubt, or confusion. I want to become so much better and trust in God more, especially for the sake of my family.
One of those who bears the most burden when I have those less than ideal moments (and, let's face it, days), is my wonderful husband.  I want to learn to love others the way he loves me.
As I studied Henry B. Eyring's talk tonight, one line really stood out to me as the Spirit changed the pronouns slightly and my Heavenly Father  answered  my inner questioning of why I have been so blessed with my wonderful,  encouraging,  loving, and supportive husband: " “I gave you to him (my husband) because I knew he could and would love you no matter what you did.” The truth of that statement burned into my heart. I know Heavenly Father must love me  so much.
How does Father want me to share that love with others today? I am thankful to have my hubby as an example to help me find that answer.
Who is an example for you?
Be Inspired,
Janelle Joy

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