Friday, December 28, 2012

Family Friendly: Peacemakers Bring Unity

Happily I am seeing more and more skillful peacemakers who calm troubled waters before harm is done. You could be one of those peacemakers, whether you are in the conflict or an observer.
One way I have seen it done is to search for anything on which we agree. To be that peacemaker, you need to have the simple faith that as children of God, with all our differences, it is likely that in a strong position we take, there will be elements of truth. The great peacemaker, the restorer of unity, is the one who finds a way to help people see the truth they share. That truth they share is always greater and more important to them than their differences. You can help yourself and others to see that common ground if you ask for help from God and then act. He will answer your prayer to help restore peace, as He has mine (President Henry B Eyring, "Hearts Knit Together in Unity," General Conference October 2008)g

I love the above definition for a peacemaker. I want to be one "who calms troubled waters BEFORE harm is done." That takes much greater discipline than trying to patch things up AFTER harm is already done. What is one simple thing I can change to give me greater likelihood of succeeding in my efforts to be a peacemaker? Besides praying for that gift on a daily basis and greatly desiring yo have that gift, there is a great idea in the above counsel: look closely for all the ways I can find myself tobe the same as the other person and don't let myself think of the differences.

Be Inspired to be a Peacemaker now--I have full belief that even small, imperfect efforts to change will bring us lasting and effective steps closet to joy and peace, Janelle Joy

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