Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Truly Tender: "Is it Bocking Time Now?"

 Rocking time is one of Lady Slipper's favorite parts of her Kindermusik class.  She often asks "Is it bocking (rocking) time now?" at each transition between activities.  There is a certain song that is used for rocking time and each time she hears it, even if it plays in the background when we have our Kindermusik cd on at home, she runs to me and says "Bocking time!!!" and wants to cuddle with me no matter what I am doing.  Sometimes rocking time starts in the middle of the kitchen or in front of the computer while I am working on a project.  I love it!
Today we turned on the rocking time song and she ran to her room and rocked her
big sister's Molly doll.  
Our Kindermusik class is later today and I know that it is time to switch to a new rocking time song this week (I teach Kindermusik classes too, besides participating as a mom, so I know what songs they will use in class today) and I wonder how she will feel about having a new rocking time song.  She may not attach to it the same way she did with the last one, but I am glad for the truly tender moments I have had as she rushes to me asking for the "bocking song."  Even if she never does that again, I have those moments engraved into my heart to be opened up again at a later date.
Be Inspired,
Janelle Joy

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