Friday, November 9, 2012

Family Friendly:"The Family is the Foundation for Love and for Maintaining Spirituality."

At least on Fridays, I try to study a talk form the most recent General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Today I wanted to share two quotes from the talk "Can You Feel So Now" by Elder Quentin L. Cook. (click on the links for the full talk or to learn more about Elder Cook).  These quotes stood out to me as I often face a future that I am unsure of and I constantly work to keep my fears at bay and continue to believe that no matter what happens my family will be safe in the arms of my Heavenly Father--as long as we obey His counsel:

"The need for civility in society has never been more important. The foundation of kindness and civility begins in our homes. It is not surprising that our public discourse has declined in equal measure with the breakdown of the family. The family is the foundation for love and for maintaining spirituality. The family promotes an atmosphere where religious observance can flourish. There is indeed “beauty all around when there’s love at home” (emphasis added).

"Parents, the days are long past when regular, active participation in Church meetings and programs, though essential, can fulfill your sacred responsibility to teach your children to live moral, righteous lives and walk uprightly before the Lord. With President Monson’s announcement this morning, it is essential that this be faithfully accomplished in homes which are places of refuge where kindness, forgiveness, truth, and righteousness prevail. Parents must have the courage to filter or monitor Internet access, television, movies, and music. Parents must have the courage to say no, defend truth, and bear powerful testimony. Your children need to know that you have faith in the Savior, love your Heavenly Father, and sustain the leaders of the Church. Spiritual maturity must flourish in our homes."  (note: the announcement he refers to is an exciting change to the missionary policy of the church which will allow missionaries to serve at a younger age.  See the link above for more information).

I am also striving to show my faith in another way today as I just found out this morning that I am suffering yet another miscarriage--my seventh.  I am so thankful for my knowledge that families are such an important part of God's plan and that he has a specific plan for my family.  Although most of the time I can only catch quick glimpses of the specifics of that plan, and those are usually not enough to really understand why some things are happening the way they are, I want to keep pressing forward with the knowledge that God does see the whole plan and if I follow His counsel one step at a time, I can help my family to be that foundation of love and spirituality.

I hope all of you will find peace in each challenge you face today in your own families.

Be Inspired,

Janelle Joy

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